About Tee Smith

Hello, to all the natural hair people and those who are considering going natural hair out there.   My name is Telifa (Tee) Smith, and I have been natural for 13 years.

My natural hair journey began in 1994.   After I left the corporate world, I returned to school to become a licensed Cosmetologist. Natural hair is one of the most beautiful ways of self expression, it allows you to be FREE and gives you the opportunity to express yourself to what ever is possible.

In August 1994, I was watching the Oprah Show and Lonnice Bonner was on talking about her book and being natural.  I went right out and purchased her book ‘Good Hair: For Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Weaves When the Chemicals Became Too Ruff’.

I read it in one day and was sold.

I then went to the barbershop, cut off a freshly retouched full head of hair and then began my journey to freedom.

Although, everyone thought I was crazy, I have no regrets. I love the way my hair looks. I wish everyone felt like I do about natural hair.  Hopefully your journey to being natural will be as wonderful as it has been for me.

Going natural led me to start my own hair Salon, Natural Hair Expressions in Riverside, California.

In 2009, I introduced my own Herbal Shampoo and Misty Spray.  In 2010, I added a  Shampoo Conditioner for a full line of natural hair products.